Project Monitoring

Our remote Project Monitoring service will allow the team to visualize the project , capture data and monitor timelines, drawings and models, share document and manage versions in a cloud platform


BIM based Project mgmt @ site
BIM based Material / Inventory mgmt @ site
BIM based Asset management @ site
IoT & BIM based Facility mgmt.
IoT & BIM based Energy mgmt.
IoT & BIM based Preventive maintenance

Remote Project Monitoring Support

Project sequencing, workflow, resource  and asset management through cloud based virtual reality
Real-time information gathered from jobsite during execution
Materials and Assets – when they arrive onsite, as well as their utilization
Digital Twin: Photo documentation & Virtual reality – cloud based 3d model available to evaluate
Visual Monitoring –remote, real-time visual monitoring
Personnel workflows – understand their productivity, efficiency, and validate their cost
Security – monitoring to support asset and staff security

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