HEFCHEK Smart Monitoring Solution

If your business is among the most advanced construction companies, which are looking for ways to improve efficiency, speed up project timeline, manage materials, streamline scheduling and communication, and to do away with a messy heap of paperwork – then you need a HEFCHEK Smart monitoring solution.

Problems that can be solved with a HEFCHEK smart monitoring app


A company’s top management can control the whole work process without getting bogged down in the minutia and at the same time if any of the issues are rectified, notification of their completion can be done in seconds.

Geolocation: Send a pin straight to Google Maps with the click of a button, so clients can easily navigate to their site detail and get information about the material status

QRCode: QRCode for tracking material location and status with Geolocation

The monitoring needs for a construction project addressed by a Smart Monitoring solution

Why You’ll Love Us

We understand both technology and business, so we apply the approaches of both fields to our process

  • Optimize the existing process
  • Simple Android solutions
  • Ease of use
  • Interactive
  • Easy Integration