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Still using 2D spreadsheets for monitoring?

HEFCHEK replaces spreadsheets for tracking with mobile based Smart Monitoring.

HEFCHEK is a cloud based mobile solution for Smart Monitoring of Projects, Resources, Assets, Facilities built on our Master Model concept.

HEFCHEK is applied to monitoring activity across a range of industries like Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Construction by bridging the gap between Engineering, Project office and Construction/ Manufacturing/ Maintenance site.

Advantage of HEFHCEK is to improve customer satisfaction, visibility and utilization of resources to managers, quicker billing, collection and transparency to management and clients.

And what’s more! Understanding the pressure on CAPEX, HEFCHEK is provided on monthly pay-per-user basis.

Gone are the days of using lifeless 2D spreadsheets and project plans….Replace with HEFCHEK Smart Monitoring solution on your mobile phone

Digital Delivery / Digital Transformation

From Customer selection to Handover: Our Master Model approach is superior to most current software and approaches to IDD due to its flexibility to integrate different software, processes, automation, models, consultants, contractors, service providers.

HEFCHEK Highlights

HEFCHEK Highlights

  • Integrated Digital Delivery for Projects and Facility management leading to improved Project, Resources and Assets visibility
  • Our Master Model concept is superior to most current models and approaches to IDD due to its flexibility to integrate different software, models, consultants, contractors, service providers
  • Track projects & facilities from Contract to Handover for quicker billing and collection
  • Convert dead spreadsheets into Real Time live cloud-based mobile app of Docs, Models, Photos, Videos, Sensor data
  • Convert BIM models into Master Models with cloud based mobile access

HEFCHEK Workflow Process

HEFCHEK Technology Integration Stack showing the Master Model concept.
HEFCHEK Workflow process stack: Integration of Smart Technology with Traditional processes; Our Master model concept can be applied to data from a wide range of software, supplier, contractor, consultant….

HEFCHEK Advantages

HEFCHEK Advantages
  1. Quicker billing, collection
  2. Visibility, safety and utilization of resources
  3. Project transparency to management and clients
  4. Track projects from Contract to Handover
  5. Integrated Digital Delivery for Projects and Facility
  6. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  7. Improved utilization of material and resources
  8. Improved project visibility and status reporting
  9. HEFCHEK is provided on monthly pay-per-user basis
  10. Automation with cost effective Digital tools

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